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These Are The Top 10 Best Restaurants In Dhaka


These Are The Top 10 Best Restaurants In Dhaka

A Spanish proverb says that ” The belly rules the mind”. In Dhaka you will get plenty of options to calm your belly down. There are some terrific new restaurants in Dhaka right now. Today we will neutrally talk about top 10 Best Restaurants in Dhaka. So in the list below you will surely find the ultimate guide to the top eateries of Dhaka.

Izumi : This restaurant offers you the most authentic Japanese cuisines prepared by their magical chefs led by Chef Masayuki Nakajimaya from Hokkaido, Japan and has been with the restaurant since its inception in 2010. It has a great reputation for it’s gorgeous interior, part of which was crafted by award winning artist Mr. Ashraful Hassan. Izumi brings in Tuna from Tsukiji Market from Tokyo every week and import majority of their raw materials and work only with very high-end and quality-conscious local suppliers.

If you are into Japanese food and appreciate art, Izumi is a must visit place in Dhaka. They serve the most authentic Japanese food which by the way taste delicious and a fine dining experience you will remember for a while.

Recommended Dishes : Wangyu Beef Steak, Salmon Carpaccio, Salmon Teriyaki.

Price Range : 2,000 BDT – 5,000 BDT

Bunka : If you are looking for a place where you can get Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines with an amazing view of Gulshan Lake, this is the ideal place for you. It is located at the 13th floor of Six Seasons Hotel. Their well trained chefs are always ready to give you the best dining experience in town.

They also offer Bento box during lunch time which is definitely a great option for corporate lunch. There private rooms can be a good option for corporate meetings also.

Recommended Dishes : The Beef Teppanyaki , Yakitori , Chicken Taksu, Roasted Lamb etc.

Price Range :2,000 BDT – 5,000 BDT

Spitfire : Probably spitfire is the best option for continental foods in Gulshan avenue area. The reason i am using the term “best” not only because of their food quality but also for their indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements which made them different from the other competitors. The restaurant also has their own parking area that can accommodate more then 30 cars at a time.

Recommended Dishes : Steaks and Grilled Items.

Price Range: 2,000 BDT – 5,000 BDT

Krua Thai : Hatirjheel has become the most favorite place for recreation among the citizens of this busy city. Though Water taxi service and the dancing fountain have added a new dimension to its beauty but the day Krua Thai started their operation it has become the main attraction of Hatirjheel. This modern fine dine restaurant serves plenty of tempting dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai etc.

Recommended Dishes : Tom Yum Sea Food Soup, Fried/Steamed Fishes and Coconut Ice Cream

Price Range: 500 BDT – 3000 BDT

Mainland China: Mainland China is the largest chain of specialty fine-dining and authentic Chinese restaurant at Uttara, Dhaka. It serves one of the best Chinese Cuisines that are famous in the major provinces of China. Moreover, Mainland China enjoys unparalleled brand equity and is revered for the fine dining experience it provides. The restaurant also provides home delivery. Beside delicious food and exceeding service expectation, Mainland China is also famous for its amazing ambiance with the revolving floor.

Recommended Dishes : Mahlak noodles, Crispy Corn Cubes and Desserts.

Price Range: 600 BDT – 4000 BDT

Al Amar Lebanese Cuisine: This not so new restaurant (Founded in December 2015) at Dhanmondi 27, Dhaka is doing great in sense of spreading Lebanese culture and hospitality. It has the very soothing yellow light ambiance where you can enjoy a romantic dinner. This is also a perfect restaurant for family functions. When you sit there you can actually feel like you are seating in a Lebanese dance function because the music they play is just so relevant and lavish. The Lebanese dishes will melt in your mouth because of its amazing and authentic taste.

If you want to eat something really different from the crowd of all those not so very different foods then Al Amar will be the best option for you.

Recommended Dishes : Falatel, Al Amar Chicken Kafta,  Al Amar Chicken Kabbseh

Price Range: 500 BDT – 4000 BDT

Taste of Lanka: The very first Srilankan restaurant in the town which serves a very great and unique taste of Lankan cuisine located at Banani Block E. Starting from Ceylon Tea to Traditional finest culinary you can enjoy everything here with the fabulous and gorgeous interior. They have a very bold and creative menu. Since the Lankan dishes are really spicy you can ask for their suggestions too. And guess what, their service is really recommendable. Moreover, it can accommodate more than 40 people at a time. 

Recommended Dishes : Tuna Cutlets, Frilled Prawns, Egg Hoppers, Spicy Crab

Price Range: 200 BDT – 1000 BDT

Watercress: This is simply a taste of multi cuisine which is located at Gulshan-Tejgaon Link Road. The luxury is felt all the way through the restaurant. It has amazing places for photo lovers. The waiters seemed well organized and very professional. Experienced chef choose the finest ingredients to make an amazing menu and world class food garnishing.

Recommended Dishes : Thai Buffet, Pan-Asian Set-Lunch, Continental Set-Lunch

Price Range: 400 BDT – 3000 BDT

Khana Khazana: Who needs to wait for Marriage Ceremony if you have the authentic traditional taste of your culture’s cuisine that too in your own town. That too located in 175 Gulshan Avenue. And does the name sounds so familiar? Yes, this is our very own Sanjeev Kapoor’s signature restaurant. Such a mouth watery Indian traditional dishes they serve. All the best and popular Indian dishes you can get here with a great and fancy ambiance. This is why taste the best of Khana Khazana.

Recommended Dishes : Lazeez Murgh Tikka Masala, Kadai Prawns etc.

Price Range: 600 BDT – 2000 BDT

Umai: Searching for a contemporary Japanese restaurant? Umai is here that presents authentic and fresh Japanese foods. It is located on the same road of Gulshan club and has an amazing interior. They even have the car parking area. Who doesn’t like such a graceful and delightful full dine restaurant? The food and the beautiful interior will make you go there again and again. It has an extensive menu with excellent food. Quality is the top priority at Umai according to their member of staff. 

Recommended Dishes : Edamame, Sushi, Sashimi, Bento Box, California Roll

Price Range: 600 BDT – 3000 BDT

In this busy Dhaka City these restaurants are just blessings for us where we can spend some time of relaxation and have sweet talks. Well, that’s a very genuine review from me. Then again everyone has not the same taste. It can really differ. If there is any restaurant you think should have been here in this list, please write to us in the comment section below and we will try our best to review it. 

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