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Kepler Staff

Kepler Staff of Publishers and Correspondents. Kepler is the leading online information and entertainment site in Bangladesh. We focus into the most important stories that are shaping our country. We add critical perspectives to these stories through rigorous reporting, detailed analysis and expert commentary by our in house correspondents.

Nahida Tarik

Nahid Tarik has a MBA in HRM and currently working as a compliance manager for Aitex Bangladesh. Nahid has particular interest in the textile industry and a regular contributor to Kepler, sharing industry insights for the audiences.

Nazmul Hosain

I'm an engineering student but not quite into studying, I like learning. Learning is interesting and implementing those are fascinating; while everything else is just boring. I try to live a life full of moments. My hobbies are reading books, doing music, cycling and travelling.

Jahin Tahsin

I'm currently a student of Public Administration at the University of Dhaka. I posses a strong desire to absorb the world around me and share my perspective to enhance social awareness and change.

Maisha Zaman

I like to learn more and more about life because I believe, the more insights you gain, the better person you become. Aside from that, I am currently trying to form new hobbies and engage in activities because there are so many things out there to learn!

Homaed Ishaque

I love to traveling, cycling, photography, mountaineering and Adventure activities. Believe in "Love what you do and do what you love"

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