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Fate Of An Abandoned Old Lady Will Shake Your Soul

Abandoned Old Lady in Bangladesh


Fate Of An Abandoned Old Lady Will Shake Your Soul

What is the fate of an abandoned old lady in our country? Social media has come to the rescue of such abandon citizens few times. And, this time too, a tragic story has made our tears fall. The fact that old age people are abandoned by their families has become a regular phenomenon and especially at such age when all they are left with is their family support.

Recently Talha Sayed, a socially aware citizen reported an incident in Uttara, Dhaka where an old lady was sitting on the road washing her pots and pans from dirty water stored on the roads. He even shared his side of the story on Facebook.

Excerpt From Talha Sayed’s Facebook: Fazrunesa Begum Also known as Dadi, has been living in front of my house under the shed made out of scrap. She has been living in this area for over 35 years. Her son left her, threw her out of their house and abandoned her completely to die on the street.

One day when I was talking to Dadi, she said with tears in her eyes “The son whom I raised with my own two hands, doesn’t want to hold my hands in my old age”. She has absolutely no one to care for her and been living in extreme poverty. Sometimes the people from the area helps her out with medication and food.

Despite hard core poverty, she has a great quality to forget all those miseries with a little but a very heart-warming smile. Happiness is to see her smile. She loves to tell stories. It breaks my heart when I listen to her and her stories. Dadi says when she first started living in Uttara, it was nothing but a mere jungle, she also added at night she could hear the foxes and wolves howl.

She mostly goes to other people houses to get water to drink.  A few months back when I first met Dadi, She was sitting by the road side washing her utensils with the water that was stored on the roads, I quickly asked our Security guard to wash them for her and give those back to Dadi. Since then I have been caring for her as much as I can, along with the help of my friends. I often go to visit her, listen to her stories and take her pictures.

This is just one incident, there are more than thousands of incidents out there. It’s beyond heart-wrenching when you experience such sufferings. So, allow me to request you guys- Please do not put your parents in such conditions, where the only thing that they will be left with is nothing but counting the days to die. To the people who have old parents, please respect them, remember one day even you will be a parent and might be treated the way you treat your parents because ‘what goes around comes around’.

If you would like to know more about Dadi, please get in touch with Talha Sayed.

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