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Digital Marketing Agency MetaConnect Celebrate Its First Anniversary

Digital Marketing Agency
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Digital Marketing Agency MetaConnect Celebrate Its First Anniversary

MetaConnect, is the full service digital marketing agency in Dhaka, celebrates its first year anniversary in Spitfire, Dhaka. Since its founding in April 2016 MetaConnect has grown into one of the emerging digital marketing agencies in Dhaka. MetaConnect is becoming an influence in digital marketing, including website design, social media, search engine optimization and marketing strategy. It is poised to keep its footprint in digital marketing innovations over the years.

MetaConnect is the first company to be bringing the IOT (Internet of Things) sensors and applications in Bangladesh market. Presently they are in the pilot phase of building smart farming and garments technology.

Since founding MetaConnect has worked with more than 60 companies across Bangladesh and in Sweden. The agency currently maintains a premier list of clients, including Finlay, Pepsi, Crossworld, SKF and some renowned restaurants across the country.

“Our main objective throughout MetaConnect’s one year history has been our focus on innovation,” said Monjurul M Hassan, CEO of MetaConnect. “Whether it’s creating centers of excellence around new media channels as they emerge, or streamlining processes so our people can focus on more ‘value add’ strategic services for our clients, innovation is at the heart of why we exist.”

Tarik Siddiki, who has been running its operation in Bangladesh and also The Chief Marketing Officer at MetaConnect Limited, said, ‘’It’s an exciting time for MetaConnect’’.  Tarik added: “We have really hit the ground running over the last year as more and more businesses to recognize the importance of marketing their products and services online. We’re working with an incredible range of businesses, taking time to understand their needs and tailoring our services accordingly to benefit them.” He also said that ” the internet penetration in the city has sky rocketed due to mobile internet and digital marketing is soon to take over the traditional media.”

Going forward, MetaConnect wishes to continue to take on the challenges of creating and introducing innovation through human-digital integration.

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