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The Story Of Farhana Zahedi, An Exclusive Dress Maker Of The City

Farhana Zahedi
Photo Credit: Kazi Mushfik


The Story Of Farhana Zahedi, An Exclusive Dress Maker Of The City

Mrs. Farhana Zahedi, the soul and the spirit that continually shape this brand, started off by introducing premium fabrics sourced from all over the world for the local clientele. The initial ”direct selling” approach over time found so many happy hearts that she, eventually, had no other choice but to open her very own store.

There, she is the curator today — cherry picking fabrics, and designing, stitching and fitting clothes that have been unremittingly adding further touches of grace to the graceful select few. The brand has already given birth to a corner-store revolution in a particular “niche” fashion sector of Bangladesh.

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At Farhana Zahedi, the procurement of the most elegant fabrics, the sheer uniqueness of the design elements, the exclusive shopping experience at the majestic store, the on-site production facilities that take care of customization, all of these effortlessly converge at a point of exclusivity where each dress carries a story of its own and becomes literally one of a kind.

It is “custom-made elegance” which makes Farhana Zahedi not just a dress-maker but the dress-maker for the chosen few who command difference and distinction because they deserve more in life. To stand out at the party or at the ball or simply at a humble high-tea event and so on, look no further in Dhaka.

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