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H.L.R.L Is Setting A New Standard In The Local Fashion Brand

HLRL Dhaka
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H.L.R.L Is Setting A New Standard In The Local Fashion Brand

A new fashion brand has recently hit the market in Dhaka with the aim to uplift the Menz fashion industry in Bangladesh. HLRL in full form High Life Rich life mainly produces trendy denim jeans and other menz products available both in their Banani outlet or their eCommerce platform. Looking at the amazing product quality and trendy design, we wanted to find out more about the company and the people behind it.

“My endless journey began with the passion for denim. I have always craving for generating innovative ideas, obtaining inspiration from nature and surrounding, introducing new materials and clothing, and implementing new techniques which gives me the experience and opportunity to grow. I’m an unstoppable dreamer and that is what gives me the motivation to improve each day, not by following but creating the trend! “– Fayez Ibrahim, Founder, HLRL

The idea was certainly influenced by European denim jeans fashion and their lifestyle. It took Fayez more than 6 months to decide on the name and finally settled for it. HLRL the short form of High Life Rich Life represents simple and elegant design with quality embedded in the process of making a world class clothing line.

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Given the price tag on HLRL products, one would think that all the products are manufactured in mass or outsourced as stocks but in reality, they are actually designing all the products from scratch yet producing very small quantity. This in a sense provides exclusivity in every purchase you make and they are certainly setting a new standard of customer services that will be very hard to beat for other major brands who simply relies on good location and fancy outlets.

It is in their core business model to make their customer feel flawless, appreciate quality, greatness and majesty. High Life Rich Life (HLRL) originated from the perseverance to create and showcase creativity and years of experience Fayez has gathered by working in multinational clothing brand. The design and production is done at their own facility located in Banani. Like other dedicated denim lover, Fayez has respect for the product and how it is ‘manufactured’. Everybody and everything involved in their business process is treated with care and honesty.

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