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Finlay Tea Just Revealed It’s New Smart Packet

Finlay Tea Smart Packet


Finlay Tea Just Revealed It’s New Smart Packet

Around 250 years of experience, Finlay Tea Company is involved in the production of tea in Bangladesh and is as of now the biggest single unit tea producer in the nation. In order to reach out fresh and quality tea to the consumers, Finlay is continuing its activities to increase the production of tea.

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Finlay has been offering different brands of tea among customers for quite a while. In its continuation, Finlay tea has launched its brand new smart pack in a brand new fashion. To maintain Finlay Tea’s flavor and quality, each bag is packed with 15 packets of bag-in-bag Tea Bags. Two smart packs are being marketed as new brands, flavors and packs. These new flavors will further excite the growing demand for Finlay’s Tea varieties with superior quality tea.

Every new smart packet is going to be marketed by keeping the garden fresh quality and freshness of tea. As a result of this, consumers will get fresh flavored tea and that is rich in a number of health benefits. Finlay Ginger Green Tea and Finlay Ginger + Ajwain Green Tea are made in an unique process, and because of this it gets an exceptionally golden color.

Moreover, Finlay has planned to market the new brand among the consumers in Bangladesh to use the state of the art technology. That will surely bring the consumers a relaxed and refreshing feeling. Finlay keeps on staying at the front line of tea trends and innovations with the launch of their Smart Tea Packet giving consumers a healthy twist on an old favorite. The Finlay’s new pack guarantees tea lovers get to enjoy an invigorating and quality hot beverage.

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