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Blue Whale Game: Origin and Its Consequences

Blue Whale Game


Blue Whale Game: Origin and Its Consequences

In the modern world when depression finally had been accepted as a serious mental condition due to its profound impact on a person’s mental and physical health, it’s being used to lure  vulnerable people in the psychologically twisted game “The Blue Whale Challenge”

What is this Blue Whale Game? Why is it known as the suicide game? – these are the questions that are haunting the present people. The Blue Whale Challenge is a suicide game that is based in the internet. Though it can be said the game is virtual but it’s impact is very real. This is a suicide game where 50 daily challenges are given to gamer to complete where the last challenge is death by suicide. Here usually young, vulnerable, mentally depressed people are targeted by narcissistic psychologically criminal minded people known as curators to manipulate and slowly push them to death.

The origin of this worldwide destructive game began in Russia in 2013. A Russian former student of Psychology, Philipp Budeikin claimed that he is the inventor of this dark game . He was expelled from his university and later confessed that the motive and objective of this 50-day death trap is to clean the society of weak, unworthy people who are not capable to contribute to the society due to their mental or physical handicap. It was generated through ‘VK’ a Russian social network where a secret group F57 or the so called ‘Death group” initialed the game. The terrible consequence of the game was finally revealed and proven in 2015 when the game managed to allegedly caused its first suicide. After a Russian journalist announced the game’s existence through an article by linking quite a number of suicide victims to the blue whale!

The name ‘Blue Whale ‘is also symbolic as in Russia Blue Whale represents the concept of ‘Suicide’. After being arrested Philipp Budeikin confessed and claimed to manipulate 16 teenage girls to kill themselves through various forms of suicide. After this incident, the game was taken down and all apps were destroyed by the Russian authority. But the sad news is this game has gone deep in the dark net and became even more dangerous. According to a report 130 teenagers has committed suicide between November 2015 and April 2016 and later majority of their death is linked to this game. Now it has widespread all over the world including Argentina, Brazil, China, Italy, US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and many more countries where suicide links to Blue Whale Game has been proven. Even rumors of Bangladeshi teenagers playing this game has been heard.

How the Game works:
Through one look it can be said that how can one game cause death, however the victims usually have depression, personality disorders, conduct disorders, socially aloofness. In some cases, they were already being victims of bully or social exclusion. in the first stages of the game the challenges are fairly easy, such as: listening to a sad song, watching a video, waking up at odd hours in the night. However, in later stages curators as in who set the challenges bully the half-way manipulated victims through blackmails and force them to exclude themselves from family, self-mutilation, starvation and finally to commit death. As reports of numerous suicide cases linked to blue whale game is flying over social media the young carefree people have become even more interested to play this twisted game. All of these naive vulnerable young people just start playing the game to be a part of something bigger and all these starts with just about of curiosity. This game has also attracted psychologically disturbed people who are harming weaker people. Also, these deranged people don’t own up to their actions as they are not murdering anyone, weak people are just killing themselves.

What to do?
Parents all over the world are worried about their children falling prey to this suicide game and seeking solutions. The solution is simple. No family should take any of its member’s unusual behavior lightly. The following steps may be helpful:

  • To prevent people from entering this heinous death trap being vocal about the issue in the family is very necessary.
  • Mentally depressed, bullied, introverts, socially aloof and rebellious teenager’s actions should be speculated closely.
  • Recognizing the root cause of vulnerability and taking actions to provide the best support is necessary, there’s no harm in seeking professional help is any member of the family is suffering from depression.
  • Being open and honest about the world of internet is necessary, withholding information is only going to increase the attraction of the forbidden.
  • Social network should be used as an active media through anti-suicide pages to help the disturbed.
  • Suicide hotlines should be made a priority to help people at the last moment.

There’s no reward but harm in completing the challenges . Be smart and safe and ultimately let’s avoid the Blue!

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