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5 Bangla Movies On Liberation War You Must Watch

Movies on 1971


5 Bangla Movies On Liberation War You Must Watch

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2. Hanor Nodi Grenade – The Mother (1997)

This is more of a slow-based drama film. In the film you will follow a female character called,”Buri” and through her life you’ll experience the culture of a Bangladeshi village life, the true origin and beauty of Bangali sociology. After the death of her father, she is married off to a single father family with two sons. Soon Buri gives birth to deaf child. Village people said she is cursed, so her son is deaf. After some more years of misery comes the Liberation War 1971. Her step sons became freedom fighters and started to fight for the country while her own son was unable, a burden she thought. No matter what people said she loved the 3 sons with all her heart. Then the day of ultimate sacrifice came. When Pakistani Military came to siege the Bangladeshi soldiers hiding in her house, will she give them up? Her Step Sons?

Watch Online | IMDB Rating: 8.7 / 10

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