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5 Bangla Movies On Liberation War You Must Watch

Movies on 1971


5 Bangla Movies On Liberation War You Must Watch

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Movies have always been the best way to witness untold stories. If you love war movies and want to see through the lives of people who have survived and live to tell about it. Here are 5 great Bangla Movies on 1971 war that you must see before you die.

1. Ora Egaro Jon (1972)

Here we see a character named, “Khasru”. Tall, bearded and a good friend to everyone. He lives with his uncle in town and is about to get married. Luck just was not at his favor this year, war broke down with a sudden attack from the West Pakistani Military. He came home from the shock and found his uncle dead,  it was chaos all over the country. He rushed to his native village only to find the burnt houses and his loving mother missing. He formed a small fighters unit called “Mukti Bahini” (Freedom Fighters). Now his war is to save his motherland and find his missing mother.

Watch Online | IMDB Rating: 9.2 / 10

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